Inner Personal Advice: April 2010

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I'm 39 years old a hairstylist, and I love to blog, read blogs, and learning new things! I do check who likes anything on my social media's if I am able(some don't give me the ability to view the likes) to and I will go check out your stuff as well :)


Friday, April 30, 2010

Personal advice to self!

I do not like pity! Pity is for those who seek your attention in a negative way
People who crave pity:
Those who seek yours or anyone Else's pity, only do so for personal gains! Sometimes they realize it and do it on purpose and some do it without realizing it, but also do this on purpose.
What I mean is, they were brought up in a way that cr

Thursday, April 22, 2010

My very first Blog spot blog!

Anyone have tips on how to widen this page? Leave me a comment! Thanks

Alright, I know there aren't any blog posts here, but here is why!
I just created it today! I am only writing this one because it seems so empty aside from the added content from other subscribed sites!
I am a female, I am 31