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Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Stressin' To impress (personal advice)

I learned a long time ago that if you spread yourself too thin in the beginning that later on you run out of things to do in order to impress that one you tried too hard to impress later! You will become tired, wasted, maybe even worthless!

Why do people do that? They waste time in the beginning, bending over back-words in order to impress someone they like, or want in a relationship!

As stated above I learned the hard way and gave up trying LONG AGO to impress anyone. If someone is going to like you, or already likes you, you should not impress them. If they already like you, there is no need to impress. You know just being there and showing you care...IN ways, feel so much better than going above and beyond in something that hasn't begun yet.

My advice is this, don't waste your time trying to impress someone who has shown you and/or told you they already want to be with you, or like you or whatever the case may be.

You'll run out of things to impress with later, if you do want to always impress, do not spread it thin right from the get go! Seriously, if they are going to like you...From my point of view, I like the phrase "a little goes a long way". A little at a time is impressive enough. Don't push yourself away from something you tried so hard to get. You will feel you have wasted too much time.

And what might impress you, may turn someone else off..I always hated when people showed off. It is a total turn off when someone shows off. But yet again I am so much different than others. ;)

So what I am trying to say, Stop wasting your time on someone you already have before you get bored and feel you have wasted your time and start to dislike them when they start to like you.

If I like someone I do not stress to impress...Because I know when I finally do win them over I run out of things to do instead of actually getting to know them to see if I like them. IT IS A WASTE OF TIME...What if they begin to love that part instead of the person who took the time to do all that? In my opinion you end up losing a part of yourself, because some people try so hard to impress, they have to hold up to those expectations all the time and become bitter, and feel that the person did not care nor deserve it to begin with! Speaking from experience.

If you think you wasted your time because they don't care...yeah they don't care. Because you put too much energy into it. They don't care if you do all that and chances are if they did care, they keep on wanting more.

If someone said " I did all this for you and you didn't even care" I would say, "You're right I didn't care, and you didn't have to do all that!"
It is like that movie.."You had me at Hello!" ;) Or is it from Hello? Either way I hope you know what I mean.

I hope I have explained this enough, have a good day!