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Tuesday, May 29, 2012

An opinion about beliefs!


What are they to you?
I feel we must see it, to believe it...

Today I was going through some other sites and blogs based around their religion. One got me thinking, I clicked a link, I wont give away the site name or the link within it's page, but it was a link within that site labeled about, "Beliefs".. I seen this and was compelled to click. I "assumed" it was going to be an explanation on their beliefs. However ..It was not. It was just verses in the bible. It made me want to ask them, if they had 'experienced these "beliefs" within the bible?'.

I'm not an Atheist or anything, but I do understand where some of them come from in not believing stuff like what our history has written about God, and the Devil, and the bible stories, and stuff. HOWEVER, I believe in God because, I HAVE experienced things. What I can't seem to understand is how, people can preach without experiencing, what they are preaching about..You know, you do need experience with things that you're talking and preaching about, in order to explain it correctly; from a personal view, in my opinion.

I never talked about love, nor did I write anything about knowing about it, when I was younger. Because I didn't know anything about it. I'd give advice on what I would do if this, bf did whatever to me (got dumped, put down, etc) advice to a friend, but you know, I really hadn't a clue what I was talking about because I had never felt that kind of love before. Matter of fact I never experienced a real bf before at that time either. Not anything as serious as they had than. The most I had done was hug a boy. Luckily my friends didn't really listen so much, because I didn't know what I was talking about, knowing I didn't have experience to say anything on the subject.

So when I explain things now I either give an opinion, with a statement that I never experienced it before so take it with that in mind. Or I state my experience and why I feel the way I do about the advice and or opinion given with my blog postings.

Sorry I just had to ramble a little bit.

Hope everyone is having a great week!

Saturday, May 26, 2012

Slacking off with my blogs lately, so here is an update!

I know I have been slacking off a bit with my blogs lately! Sorry for that!

Life has been keeping me quite busy and so has my mind. There have been some deep issues within my mind lately, concerning love (as you can probably tell) as well as being a mom.

My son has aspergers syndrome, so some days he can be a complete angel one day and a bit out of control the next. It can be quite exhausting at times, I have to admit. But I am also learning as I go...just to act like everything is fine, so he thinks his actions aren't bothering me. He knows how to push my buttons, that's for sure. But I am learning how to ignore those traits.

On to other things, I just wrote for my GED today! I am wishing for the best, and looking ahead positively, so that when I do get it...I'm on my way to bigger and better goals I have set for myself. I am writing more, because, I really am enjoying the writing I have been doing lately. Looking at my past writings, I do see much improvement. That is starting to give me more confidence and the future sure looks rewarding as well as promising!

I like to help others in ways, that I feel I can. So "This blogs for you!" hehe

Seriously though, I would like for others to post some feed back! 

What would you like to see me give my opinions about?
What type of advice do you feel you need right now in life?
Do you feel like you are trapped and life is getting harder by the day?
Are you sick of where life is right now and you just want a change for the better, so badly you feel desperate for that change?

Speaking from experience, I have had these feelings before. I did things to get passed those feelings. They can also come back once in a while to trigger that emotion, of having to do something to get out of that feeling!

There are many ways; that we all can conquer those demons fighting us within. The torturers of our beings.
You can do it, and you are NOT ALONE!

Everyone's story might be different, our backgrounds different, and even our actions and reactions are different! But we all have similar "feelings" those moments give us!

I'm not pin pointing anyone here, I'm sharing my advice.
I know how it feels to feel like your digging your own grave and it just keeps getting deeper.
I know how it feels to have lost everything!
I know how it feels to feel desperate for change, because of feeling so unhappy.
I know how it feels to not know where to turn!
I know what it feels like to have your heart broken so much by so many people you trusted and loved!
I know how lots of things feel!

Don't be afraid to share what you're going through! I don't care if you use your own name or an alias!

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Different forms of love...

I'd like to share my thoughts and feelings about the different forms of love.

There is a love, that is created from our parents and their parents. This love is created from the ground up(so to speak). A love for you as a parent, to your own children etc.

There is a love that is created out of a friendship. This love is created with similar interests and time spent together doing things of the like.

There is a love of time. This love is created over time and getting to know someone. This isn't necessarily a long lasting bond, but it can always be a friendship. If both sides can be civil. This could be an ex or even a family member.

Than there is that love, with someone you feel is always there no matter where they are, be it many miles, or on the other side of the train tacks, it can be a shared connection. This love is a connection of two people(A soul-mate or twin flame as some may call it), that can not be described, explained or shared until it is experienced. You can not teach it, you can not give it, unless it is in you to. It is a love, like no other. It is the kind of love, that can never be replaced...I have to admit here, I did not believe in such a love existed, until I experienced it myself. :(

Now I know this is not a very long posting, but it has been on my mind.

I hope you have enjoyed this little read, as it is, "Short but sweet".
Have a great weekend ahead and many kind thoughts goes out to all!


PS- I hope all you moms out there had a wonderful Mothers day!

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Thursday, May 10, 2012

Hello and I hope Your week has been great so far! UPDATE

Hello everyone!
I just wanted to come here today to share an idea I have been wondering about. I am looking for others opinions or even a short little share of views on this idea!
What's the idea?
I'd like to start an advice column! Now I know I don't have any PHD's or anything, but I do feel I have great advice some days and as you can see, I share it! It doesn't always just stop there, when it is personally involved though! It is also a thing of advice and why I feel, how I feel, etc. I love helping people in this way, advice is free, you just have to send a message or comment (I will put a form in later on) I might create a different blog for it, but I do not think it would be necessary, since this is an advice blog anyways.

I'd like to know what you all think and I would love some advice, opinions, and your views on this idea I have been having. :-)

Of course, sometimes you will see a personal blog post, from time to time! But I'd really like to help you with your problems, if I can.

I welcome you to ask, comment or just say a few words of encouragement! Ask and or tell me anything and I will do my best to response in a respectful manner, without judgement towards you...I also don't mind if you use a fake name, or send a message as anonymous! This is an advice column after all, SO NO NAMES are needed.

Saturday, May 5, 2012

Self-help Some personal advice with a bit of experience to back it up.

“Self – Help”

This is written FOR YOU! Not for me!

Ask for help! 
I have found, even when you ask yourself for help, it will come. In one way or another! “You’ll be helping Yourself. Only You can make the difference and the choices to better yourself and your future!”

#1- Be yourself!
#2- Believe in yourself!
#3- Turn negatives into positives- Example: Always look to the brighter side of  “Every situation”! When something bad happens, think about “Worse things could have happened”!
Be grateful that it wasn’t worse! This is a very important thing to keep in mind when we go through hard times! It helps to make things brighter and less of a tragedy than it was or is!
You always have to have as positive to go with the negatives!

More examples:
-Your car broke down…At least you didn’t get into an accident!
-You broke your pencil…No big deal, you have more pencils! Don’t get angry, just chuck it and grab a new pencil!
These are just examples remember, the point is to just “find a positive to a negative situation!”

#4- You always know who loves you, they are the ones who do not judge you. No matter what you’ve done! They are the ones who are there when you need it most! Even if they are not there physically even, the point is that they were and are there! ALWAYS! No matter what!

#5- Relax and keep the above statement in mind when you feel depressed! Always relax for this thought process! We all must take a moment for ourselves to relax and get calmed down so that our minds can think more clearly and not get carried away in the moment!

In order to make it anywhere in life, and be happy…we must Think of ourselves, try our best not to feel guilty. Because if we let others make us feel guilty, how does that help us? It doesn’t! I know this one all too well, I have seen me give to others when I just couldn’t afford it to give, just because I felt guilty because they seemed to not have as much as me. It is about what they need from us, but this isn’t in every situation that someone needs. Some make up a need and put on an act, in order to just, simply get what they want! But if we can not afford or give it, we know we shouldn’t? For, the help we did, might have been a good deed, now we need because we helped someone else.

I know that might sound selfish, but when does it come to our attention that we need too? Listen to that inner voice when the need for ourselves is important, when the situation arises!

Write down your goals and stick to them, if anyone knows this "I do". I have seen me set so many goals for myself, only to get distracted by others and seem to let those self made goals pass on by! Carry them with you if you have to, keep them in a wallet or purse or even a coat pocket…a pants pocket even!

We all know life gets crazy at times, but we also know that there is always a way around negative situations! Take a few breaths, go for a walk, lay down and read a “positive” empowering book! There are MANY out there…

Go to support groups, make new friends, meet new people. Say hello when you walk passed strangers on your walks…say “Good Morning!” Even when you’re shy, you’d be surprised at the amount of people who do this even if you don’t! I have done this many times on my walks, I have had people simply walking by say “Hi”, or “Good Morning”  I’ve even had them comment on the weather and the type of day it was out. And you know what? I didn’t know any of those people, they were just out walking, just like me!

Walking is a great form of MEDITATION! Yes, meditation…just going for a walk.
So if you’re feeling stressed by life in general, or a relationship that wasn’t what you thought it should be…Go for a walk, read a powerful inspiring book, learn some yoga!

Do something! It helps! Trust me, I know from experience!
I want to thank you right now for making it this far in reading my blog post! I wrote it for You! I hope it lifts your spirits and makes today and the rest of your life feel easier to cope, when you’re going through a rough time…And always know…You’re loved!
Ann J

Here are some great books to read!

For a book with lots of powerful and inspiration, and to change your way of thinking trying reading The Secret! Too bad I had to learn the hard way without finding this book first! But let it empower you!

An update on what I have been up to lately!

Hello everyone, I know I have been away for a while, but I am not really away I am just compiling some thing together in order to post them here for others. I am trying to get the things and the wording just right, in order to help others.

Baring with this in mind, I want to thank you all for your patience and understanding! I hope to have things ready to be posted later tonight.

I hope everyone is have a great week end and that their week went well.
Much love to all

Edit: Please go here to view one of my newest helpful posts!