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Thursday, May 10, 2012

Hello and I hope Your week has been great so far! UPDATE

Hello everyone!
I just wanted to come here today to share an idea I have been wondering about. I am looking for others opinions or even a short little share of views on this idea!
What's the idea?
I'd like to start an advice column! Now I know I don't have any PHD's or anything, but I do feel I have great advice some days and as you can see, I share it! It doesn't always just stop there, when it is personally involved though! It is also a thing of advice and why I feel, how I feel, etc. I love helping people in this way, advice is free, you just have to send a message or comment (I will put a form in later on) I might create a different blog for it, but I do not think it would be necessary, since this is an advice blog anyways.

I'd like to know what you all think and I would love some advice, opinions, and your views on this idea I have been having. :-)

Of course, sometimes you will see a personal blog post, from time to time! But I'd really like to help you with your problems, if I can.

I welcome you to ask, comment or just say a few words of encouragement! Ask and or tell me anything and I will do my best to response in a respectful manner, without judgement towards you...I also don't mind if you use a fake name, or send a message as anonymous! This is an advice column after all, SO NO NAMES are needed.

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