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Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Monday's motivation becomes Tuesday's Teasure!

Sorry I wasn't here to post yesterday! Here are some motivational quotes and the images are linked to where I found them! 

When you think you're not good enough, remember this!

Life is short, do what you can!

Always always remember this and stay positive in know it!

There is always a positive to every negative, so instead of dwelling on it, let it go and find that positive that you can work with to over come those negative thoughts! It's more powerful and effective than you might think, that's the negative voice saying it's not!

Remember those people who have hurt you or broke your trust? They were a lesson to learn in life! I always thank everyone, especially my enemies!

Have a wonderful week and always remember to believe in yourself and never ever give up! 

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Thursday, March 26, 2015

Thankful Thursday! I got a job!

Sorry I haven't posted sooner, but I have a job now in a salon and I started yesterday! I am so grateful, and glad. I guess it was worth the wait, I still plan to blog and hope I can keep it up as best I can! So here are a few images showing gratefulness, gratitude, appreciation and thankfulness!

Thanks for visiting, and as always, believe in yourself!
Have a great night everyone!!!

Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Here is Tuesday's treasure today!

I'm still waiting for bloggers to contact me for an interview here is the post again for those interested!! "" if the above link doesn't work!

And here something I found that's great :-) Enjoy

Thanks for visiting, have a great day!

Monday, March 23, 2015

Monday's motivation...Keep it positive!

I hope these motivational images help you today or another day! Have a great one and please always stay positive!

Thanks for visiting! And Always remember, Believe in your self!

Sunday, March 22, 2015

Sleepy Sunday...

Wow what a crazy weekend I have had(I don't go into that), I went to bed early last night and I woke up late this morning...I haven't gotten that much sleep in a long time. I am still feeling tired out, I don't know if I just slept too long and that is why I feel like this, or if I just didn't have a very restful sleep.

I'm not a very religious person, but lately I have been seeing a lot of posts and bible versus on the internet, concerning Jesus and the Lord and that "Jesus is coming" and just in general a long those lines! I consider myself somewhat spiritual, and I believe in prayers, angels insights and god. Everyone has their set reason for believing and the like. I don't have any advice on God and or religion, everyone is their own person and they believe or are raised to believe whatever it might be.

I'm not where I went with this, I was just going to say how crazy my sleep was this weekend and have a few said words but now I just talked about something else.

I pray, and I do love and believe in god. I don't judge others that don't or that try to sway others choices and belief's. I do however want to say, Be yourself, and please do not make others be someone else to suit yourself. Life is what it is and you can not control or change that, if you do that is going against lifes moral code. No one was born to control another.

Have a great Sunday everyone.


Thursday, March 19, 2015

Thankful Thursday...

I'm so grateful it is Thursday, because tomorrow is the end of the week.
Thursday is always a good day, and I love the next day, because it is Friday.

Sometimes I don't post anything at all, I don't post every single day, I don't feel like posting here everyday, but sometimes I'll send out some motivational quotes or a graphic for a day celebrated(St. Patrick's Day, Valentine, Easter, etc.) that was chalked in our calenders in the past. But Sometimes I don't feel like posting anything, because I don't feel up to it! Yesterday was one of those days.

I am thankful for those day's, because if I had of come and posted something, it probably wouldn't have been very motivational, inspiring or anything positive. I feel I am doing others a favor by not posting when I don't feel like posting, I wouldn't want to read a long winded blog post about how bad their day was or how they hated everyone and everything, so why would I post that? I wouldn't want to unknowingly post a blog that might make someone else feel insulted in anyway.

I have changed a lot over the years, I use to be pretty negative. I use to complain about everything and everything someone else might have done to me in the past. 

There was a time I had joined an online group and I learned about Daily affirmations, Those daily affirmations, made me see things differently over time, I started worrying less about "what was", and started focusing more about "what is" and molding today's day into what I had hope tomorrow will be. 

I started to feel more appreciative about what I had and seeing what happened bad last year was only last year, it wasn't now, it was than and than cannot be changed, only now can change to make tomorrow hopefully better! I don't know if I just repeated myself just now, but that is okay. If you repeat something positive a few times, it isn't going to hurt anyone!

So stop worry about "what was"
Start Focusing on "what is" 
And you will see a more positive out look about "what will be"

Have a great day everyone, I hope this has made you think and I hope it has helped you feel positive about yourself and or your future!
Thanks for visiting my blog!

Monday, March 16, 2015

Motivational Monday and Have a great week!

Hello everyone, here we are and it's Monday again! I hope you had a great weekend that that this week is a good one too! I still have the flu, and now my voice is off a bit. But I am still here, but quite late today to send you some motivation...

Have a great week, stay positive, come back here if you're feeling down and as always believe in yourself!

Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Wacky Wednesday..

It's finally at the transition point between winter and spring! Snows is starting to melt, it's foggy and warm. It messy though, because it is melting. All that salt dirt and other stuff hiding under the snow is showing up as each layer is revealed. I'm not saying, it is hot out though. This is what it was two weeks ago. it was very sunny out, but also very cold that day.

My body doesn't like these seasonal transitions, I always seem to end up sick this time of year, I have had the flu for about a week now, I know didn't catch it from anyone because I didn't really go anywhere out and about before I noticed I was sick.. But I keep on, keeping on, so to speak. 

Isn't it funny how the older you get the more sick you feel when you're sick, but you do more than you would have when you were younger?  Well I guess maybe not everyone is like that, but I and a few people I know are. Anyways I have been taking vitamins and gratefully I don't stay sick as long as I use to. So here in the part of Canada where I am from, we go by Celsius And right now we are at +3 Celsius and it apparently feels like -2C. I'm okay with that, it's way better than -15 or -24, like last weekend was. I'm hoping the snow is going to stay away until next winter now! 

So I guess that is my wacky rant for today, I am not sure what else to write. 

Monday, March 9, 2015

Monday's Motivational quotes!

I love posting Motivation for others, and I also hope it helps you in some way and hits a spot in your life and says what you needed to hear!

**Links to the sources are at the bottom of each photo in fine print  to give credit thanks**

 (credited to )
 (credited to )
 (credited to )
(credited to

I hope these keep you pushing forward in life and give you the motivation you need to proceed with whatever you have choosen to do in life! Have a great Monday....

Sunday, March 8, 2015

Relationships, just thoughts...

There are so many days I wish I was in a relationship, I miss being held close, I miss having someone I can share those intimate thoughts with. Walking hand in hand, laying in the spoon position, long hours of gentle yet assuring silence. A simple kiss on my cheek or forehead, just because. A loving glance across the room. I haven't really experienced that too many times in my life time...I'm sad to admit.

I really haven't had many relationships to reassure myself that I make a good partner! I know I am a good friend, a good moral support, a motivator, and I try to inspire others to follow their hearts desire into the parts of themselves that they are too afraid to be, for fear of rejection or critics.

Am I a good partner in a relationship? I haven't had a real relationship for 5+ years. Am I broken? I wonder if I could even stand being with someone ever again, if I would care about myself enough to be happy with someone other than myself. There are so many questions I ask myself when it comes to thoughts of "finding someone"...Am I lovable? I believe I am, I love me...Obviously. But will someone else love me...For me?

I'm a single mom, it's hard work, my son in now 14, taller than me and boys are hard to raise.

It's been a long time, I am torn between, "do I want to be with someone?" or "do I want to end up alone when my son grows old enough to move out on his own?"!

Is that sad? It makes me feel sad, just thinking and writing about it. :-(

Am I breaking my own heart? I have only "been with" two men. I'm 36...
I have always told myself "No settling" for no love and just a partner, so here is what it has me at...
When it comes to that part of my life * love, romance* and actually having any..I am saddened by thoughts of "maybe I am not good enough to be in a relationship", but I miss being loved in such a way. Is that loneliness? Maybe, but I don't know.

I am craving to find someone I have chemistry with...That has only happened once...To be honest. Everything else in live seems easy comparing it to romance.
I don't know what else to write.

Have a good week.

I'm blogging this just because!! "Diva Likes: Happy Women's Day"

Diva Likes: Happy Women's Day: by Lavanya T R The world is a better place because of the presence of women. Mother, sister, daughter, friend, lover or matter ...

Thursday, March 5, 2015

Thankful Thursday! Excited, for the weekend!

Thank goodness it is Thursday, it has been a hectic week! I have made a lot of progress with my blogging lately, and I am loving all the new things I can do! I am still looking to get more traffic and views and I am joining other social media sites in order to share my blogs! Some are automated to post a blog or be shared elsewhere. I'm still a bit confused because, I usually just stick to a few and than walk away and process with my day/life offline.

These days however, I have been looking everywhere, and checking out all those popular sites...No I still don't have an instagram lol.. But I don't have a cell phone that has internet either. Maybe if I was actually bringing in a profit here and there I'd get one, I just have a $10,000 student loan to pay off, so those cool cell phone internet and apps are going to have to wait!

Right now, I would rather find a job, or earn a commission pay online and get my student loan payed off and be able to go get my drivers permit/license.

Anyways this is Thankful Thursday, not venting Thursday :-)

And what I am thankful for right now is...

I have had a lot of spare time to blog and set up other social media sharing sites to share my blog on!
It has been March break for the kids where I am from!
It's so close to spring I can smell it!
I have been learning so much that I love it and am feel quite content with all the knowledge!
I have helped a few people learn new things and I also end up learning more as well!

Funny how showing others how to do something you end up learning more new things for yourself :-)

I will now add some thankful quotes! These are ones I posted before, but they are important!

Have a great weekend, I may post something for Friday as well!