Inner Personal Advice: Updates for this week for Black Friday flash sales!

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Thursday, November 23, 2017

Updates for this week for Black Friday flash sales!

Hello everyone have you checked my link from earlier about the Black Friday flash sales for the next week?
I will do my best to post each morning before I got to work what the bundles contain! It's exciting!! Please continue reading!

Every day will feature a brand new bundle, which will be shipped already wrapped, so now is the best time to get that shopping done for xmas for your friend's who love makeup!...Or treat yourself and put Santa's name on it! ;)

Each bundle will have a new product, that is limited edition for the flash sale only! Once one day is done, so is that item! There was a cued line up for the sale this morning! Isn't that crazy?
Click this link and then go to shop, and check the "Black Friday" sale in "gift it to me"

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