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Tuesday, September 19, 2017

**PLEASE**Hey guys!?! I have a goal!! Can you help me reach it???!

Please help me fill up this purple lipstick

and win this trunk!☟

  1. Facebook users can go here Younique with Little Ann and join my Younique group, I post pictures and results from using products and I also host/invite new host for online Younique parties! (I am always looking for people who want to host!!) Hostess typically share their Younique party link(url) with friends and invite them to the group to view the many different products Younique now has to offer(because it isn't just about lashes anymore!!), the photos I have posted are mostly my progress with testing of my new products so others can see that experience! Each party host gets 1/2 off and or FREE makeup and skincare products! Yes you did read the word FREE!!
  2. To purchase products you can go to my link : 
  3. If you are thinking about selling Younique as a presenter like myself, please follow my facebook link(HERE also posted above!) and feel free to converse with me about any and everything you have in mind! The link to join is HERE(this will open in a new window!) and I would love to help you on your way! 😃
  4. Help me fill this lipstick because that is a beautiful trunk and I want it! If you join my team you would also get the chance to have your own! It's hard work so you will have to work for it like I am 😊
 Here is my eye done up with just Younique makeup! I LOVE IT! 

Have a great day or night wherever you are! And always remember!


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