Inner Personal Advice: January 2015

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Thursday, January 29, 2015

Steps to clarity

Steps to clarity, these steps come from many stages of life and in many forms, be it an unhappy relationship, employment, to any kind of substance abuse.

Sometimes in life we can feel trapped, helpless, uncertain of our future. And sometimes at these times we have moments of clarity. They aren't set in stone, they are just moments in life where, for the lucky ones who listen and pay attention to themselves, it just flicks on like a light switch.

It just happens, just out of the blue one day. Being so consumed with unhappiness or hopelessness can bring about such a moment. Sometimes it just pops into your head; "What am I doing? Why am I so unhappy?" Or even, "What happened to my life?" And a dawning of the thoughts just happen.

  • The first step is realizing that there is a problem.
  • The second step is acknowledging you're truly unhappy in your situation.
  • The third step is not wanting things to be as they are.
  • The forth step is realizing things have got to change.
  • And knowing you need to change; in order for your happy, to actually take place.
And most important of these moments is to let go of the fear of change or the fear you'll mess up!
As always, believe in your ability, believe in yourself!