Inner Personal Advice: LIFE IS DOING AND DOING IS EXPERIENCE! Compassion and understanding!

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Tuesday, April 5, 2011

LIFE IS DOING AND DOING IS EXPERIENCE! Compassion and understanding!

If you find anything similar to this posting, I am not stealing it, these are all my own words!!
I know this is long, but I feel very deeply; if you are to understand anything here, it needs to be read in the full as well as thought about for a few minutes through each paragraph! I am not telling you to do it for me, nor am I demanding it be done, I am just saying, if you believe in yourself even
just a little, please read it slow, please be patient and have compassion and understanding!

If it wasn't for my father and myself, where would I be today? Who would I be? Questions I have asked myself many times.

EVERYONE CONTROLS THEIR OWN DESTINY WHEN THEY HIT A CERTAIN AGE! However some people do not mentally age fully, and should not be left alone with themselves...and if no one can provide that for them, they should be in a PLACE THAT CAN! They should be in a PLACE THAT CAN, medically assist their needs better than someone who doesn't know enough about it! And will not be forced or controlled into doing so! And when someone can do for themselves, they shouldn't expect others to do it all for them.;

Life is hard, but if you do nothing at all with it, it's pointless being born. If you don't FIGHT for YOURSELF, you're not loving yourself to show others you can, that you do! LIFE IS DOING AND DOING IS EXPERIENCE!

Why are people so hard on themselves (example: say they can't doing something they have never tried, have a lack of confidence in their own abilities, etc.)? A lot of the time; it is because, this is how they were taught, what they were told, or perhaps not told, shown or taught anything concerning such things at all!

What is the Purpose of life?
To feel! To do! To experience by doing! And if you watch and listen well, you can also see others experiences to learn from their mistakes. You learn from practice, you learn from making mistakes, and you learn by listening and watching, but most things require "that act of doing". If you don't want to..Make yourself.Why? Because it's for YOU! Not anyone else, but for you. Why do you have a life, if you are not going to work hard at living it? If you weren't meant to be born or named your name, you wouldn't have been! Simple as that!!!!!
Because life is nothing if you are not doing anything, your parents changed your diapers, some worked hard to put food in your belly, some cleaned the house, and cleaned you so that you didn't get a rash or something worse! Some pushed you when you were crying saying you couldn't, when they know first hand that you could because they probably did it themselves, or maybe they had to work even harder than you did in order to become who they became! All our ancestors before us, did that!
Some went away to war in order for you to live! Some Died while you were still babies, doing that for You and everyone else they love(d)! Do you think for one minute or even a second, that they didn't have those thoughts when they were younger too?
>I can't!
I don't wanna!
It's too hard!
Change it to I can, I will, and I'm doing it and I have done it! That is where the happiness and the power of SELF comes in! BELIEVE!
See lots of people maybe even everyone on this planet has said these things!

I can understand the make yourself for doing house work, for going to school because it is needed, I can also understand the push you need, to do other things that EVERYONE NEEDS to do; like eating to live, or maybe cooking that meal you don't want to cook for yourself but it NEEDS to be done! See that is the differences! You need to work hard for the proper needs and you need to work hard for the things you do want, desire, and have a passion for!

These are some of the secrets to life! Some people know them already without realizing it, some knew because, maybe someone told them in a different way, but deep down, maybe you know I am right!

Judge not, that ye be not judged. Matthew 7:1 

I like to tell people, do not judge because you do not know what they have been through in life and like wise I do not know of what you have been through as you do not know of my life story, we all have one!
You might know your own story, but do not be so hard on yourself regarding what you have or haven't done! Be stronger for it! Never give up; because when you judge yourself on what you did in the past, it is hard to life for your future!