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Friday, August 31, 2012

Everyone has a past...

Over the years I have heard others say "they have a past", this was referring to different people, so please do not think I am just saying that directed at one person.

Everyone has a past, and everyone makes mistakes. Whether it's a crime committed or a person(or persons) we hurt, there is always that label of having a past. If we think really hard on it, we'll realize that everyone has a past and we all make mistakes, if not for mistakes not one person in this world would have succeeded in anything in life. Some successful people started from the ground up with having done something "bad" or "wrong", but we all know that if we gave up if by making our first mistakes, who would we be and what have we of learned along the way?

Do babies fall when they first start to crawl? Do they give up after the first try? No! Do they stop trying to walk after taking their first steps after falling hard on their backsides? No! Have we given up after first trying to skate or ride a bike? No!

Just because some people make bad life decisions, doesn't mean we should give up on ourselves and or others. They were choices made, maybe out of poor judgement or because of simple peer pressure, either way it's mistakes. Some aren't bad choices, some are just bad timing. No one should give up, you have to have faith in yourself and your abilities!

Why do some people give up because of a few bad life choices? You didn't give up when you fell off your bike or some other thing you "learned from"!

Bad choices are made to teach us, we date someone and maybe they hurt us in a way we never thought we would allow ourselves to get hurt. Maybe we bought something before thinking about it before wasting the money on that item(s), or perhaps we stole something because our friends did or did something drastic because of a dare(Don't jump off of a bridge)?

Mistakes are a part of everyone's life, we all make them and if we didn't we would not have lived, we must learn somehow. With experience and by observing others we can learn a lot. Mistakes are like eating, sleeping, breathing and any other thing we must do in order to live! We must also remember though if we think before we do, it might make all the difference on how people view us. Sure they are going to say, "they have a past", but do they wonder what choices they've made? I'm not saying to go rob a bank or steal a car, I am saying, we all have done something in life we aren't proud of. Some make reckless decisions and some make good ones, but there are times when we all make one or more choices that we aren't proud of.

People make mistakes, that doesn't mean that they themselves are mistakes. No one is a mistake, even killers that haven't been caught aren't mistakes, they are just making bad choices. I am not condoning them, I'm just saying, if you haven't killed anyone, why beat yourself up because you did drugs for years or stole most of your life. So stop yourself if it makes you unhappy in doing those things!

Some people make harsh decisions because they feel their life depends on it, it feels like a need and they feel they don't have a choice. Maybe they don't want to think about those choices, everyone can change and lots of people change for the better, change is a part of life too.

We must choose to better our situation, if we want to change who we are, if we ourselves are making ourselves unhappy. It's not just about others and what they have to say, sure it hurts to hear it, but we can't change for anyone but ourselves. If you're unhappy with your choices, than change them choices, it's never too late...

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