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Saturday, March 3, 2018

Dear Diary, some quick updates!

Wow SORRY I haven't posted here for a while, I have been busy with everything, work(I am a hairstylist), life in general, Younique, I just joined THRIVE on Feb/25th/2018, I have been trying to get my driver's license, I've become obsessed with instagram now lol, trying to keep everything consistent on my social media, because I have been told it is the biggest thing to do when you want people to see and get to now you online, for sales, exposure etc.! 

Here is my vision board and some life goals!

For Younique my Goals for March is. 
Blog here for updates
1. Attract more people for my opportunity.
2. Do more lives on my personal and business page.
3. Attract Outside prs on my links and or business page
4. After those are met I will have pink or higher
 Want to become a presenter? Let me be your Sponsor!

My Goals for THRIVE are to:
1. Get 10 or more people to join me in the challenge, want to join me? LINK:
2. Treat my body better
3. Get more Energy for my days!
4. Feel great!
5. And share my experience with you guys on my other blog I just created a few days ago! LINK:
 Join me on the Challenge, I haven't started yet, I didn't get my kit yet!

And here is my vision board I have created, for life in general!
I need to blog more here, I really miss it! It actually is like a diary, but the world can read it too! LOL
Have a great week everyone, the weekend is almost over already!

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