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Thursday, November 30, 2017

Hello Thursday! Almost Friday!! YAY!

Hello everyone,
Well thursday is almost done and so is November, the Customer Kudos is almost gone! The new Anniversary Palette is completely sold out and done! But you can grab any other eyeshadow palette in it's place! In the photo of the palettes below in order from 1 to 5 goes clockwise. Click HERE if you want it; because they will be announcing a new Customer Kudos tomorrow morning, for December!
November has been pretty crazy! Sorry if I seemed like a spammer, but I didn't want anyone to miss out on these amazing discounts before Christmas!
This morning was so busy that I didn't even get to buy the 1st bundle of the 8 days of flash sales! It sold out before I could even fill in my shipping information! It sold out within seconds of my being out of que to order! Can you image?? WOW! The site was so busy that they had to fix errors because the site was crashing lol
These are some great products! I can't wait til my other orders arrive I will be making videos as well as showing them off in pictures!
Anyways I don't want to make this too long and cause people to not finishing reading! Have a great night everyone and please don't forget I want the Selfie truck and if I sell 9 more Customer Kudos I will earn it!!
 <3 Less then 12 hours left for me to earn this! :O Please help support my small beauty business!! <3

Saturday, November 18, 2017

Waxing my eyebrows (video)

Below is a video demo with me doing my own brow waxing at home, if you ever chose to use these professional waxing products please fully use the direction before attempting! There are some important steps to protect your skin and prevent burns! I am not a professional, but I did fully read directions and watching videos of professionals doing brows.
Always warm the pot at high settings for about 20mins and turn it to the lowest setting after that time and wait another 20 minutes for the pot to cool down enough for use as to not burn the skin! I **always** test the wax on my inner wrist area before doing my brows! Below the video is a list of what I used. Not in any particular order! Thanks

This is a newer version video of me doing my eyebrows. I show what I use and how I use them.
For the record, I am not trained nor a professional who does facial or any other type of waxing, I do my own personally!

Items used:
*Tweezers - to tweeze any left over brow hairs
*Strips - to place over the wax placed on my skin, I cut to the size I would need for my brows (I purchased at Cosmoprof)
*Baby powder - to prep the area
*Baby oil - to clean the sticky residue off my skin
*Square cotton pads - to put the baby oil on
*small wooden stick - to  dip into the wax (I purchased at Cosmoprof)
*GiGi wax warmer and GiGi all purpose was (I purchased at Cosmoprof)

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Tuesday, November 7, 2017

Video Makeup application, new Splash - Sumptuous (not a makeup artist/guru)

It's  ok if you laughed I did when I watched it, but I am posting it anyways! LOL 
Products added below. I used my tablet for filming...
Thanks so much for watching! Please like, comment and subscribe.
All rude, offensive, and or insults will not be tolerated and will be deleted as soon as noticed! That being said,  I hope you enjoy my video, I know it isn't perfect like other makeup videos but it was fun making it with my silly cat ears on! ♥  To see the end look just scroll through til about 5mins left!

Products used:
Off film I had washed primed and prepped

I use a concealer for my eye primer/base. Don't judge I have oily lids and this seems to be the only thing that makes my shadows last literally all day! No Joke!
-Splurge Cream eye shadow - Hopeful (A very light shimmer pink)
-NYX - Harlequin (a light pinkish purple with blue undertones)
-A dark purple baked eyeshadow I got from Sally's for the outer corner
-Revlon COLORSTAY EYELINER (201 Black) (0.01 oz) 28g

NYC - City Proof Matte 10HR in 002 Sand
Covergirl - Clean Oil Control in Classic Ivory -510

Other products used:
ELF - Blush palette in light (I used the one in the top right corner, but forgot to mention in filming)
Moodstruck Epic Mascara (MY favorite mascara so far!!)

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Celebrate 5 Beautiful Years of Younique Check out the beautiful new Anniversary palette, perfect for the holiday looks! The cream shadow is in the bundle to be used as a base color for the palette!

Have a great week everyone, and always remember to stay as positive as you are able and try to turn any negative statement to a positive! 
Example, "It terribly overcast outside, but at least it isn't freezing out!"+