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Saturday, January 5, 2013

Something about books and how they can relate to people, in a sense!

This is a long read, and I hope you take the time to read it, I put a lot of thought and feeling here!

I have been laying in bed for a little while now, and I got to thinking!

"People are kind of like books!"
We are judged on our appearances, no matter what our contents might be, we have chapters in our lives, with each having a new beginning with each year gone by, some years are interconnected, and some are far different than that of the next.

What I am trying to get at is, we can see an enchanting book upon a shelf and want it so bad, just because it's cover catches our eyes and we feel the need to reach out and grab it!

But then again there are these books, with chapter names that can be quite appealing as well. BUT after we buy that book, it seems to have an awesome cover, wonderful thought out chapter names (Life achievements we'll say) and we get home, sit and start reading...Not so bad!

However after a few chapters those names are just names..

Okay, I'll just cut to the chase here...Some chapters can get down right nasty and grotesque!

Okay here is my example, but in PERSON form, instead of book explanation form!

Say there is a man....OR woman, and they have high achievements in life, good grades all through school, goes to college, gets out, finds a great job she loves with a passion...BUT half way through life and those wonderful passionately well put togetherness years of life, something happens and they have a downfall, a "spiral to rock bottom" chapter that pops in there...and than life gets really really crappy!

That's the awesome enchanting covered book with great chapter names I was talking about... Don't get me wrong, I know it doesn't always happen!

And then we have those "meh" books, they look okay, a little rough around the edges, and the contents are a bit interesting, I may want to read it!!

For this book, say it's a man...OR a woman! They suck at school are poor and kind of living life from rock bottom, most of their days, always hungry, always hoping they will get something of value to feel they have something to appreciate and treasure for a change. Trying very hard to never take anything for granted, and being always thankful for what they have, because they know that at anytime of day or given moment they know it can be gone in a flash. Maybe they quit school, because they didn't get good grades at all, settled for everything that was there if needed. Always grateful, but also a bit bittered by heartache from loved ones.

Something happens, life gets a little better, but worry, it lingers always in the back of their heads. For this person, they know how quick things can change and how fast things can be taken away or vanish and be gone.They pick themselves up, dust off the discouraging words in their head and push on a head and do what they never thought they'd ever do, and beat their own odds of thinking they might lose. And end up at the top, while still appreciating each day, each possession they own as a treasure, each person who hasn't walked away or given up on them along the hard journey it had been to get where they were.

That is the book I want! The book that shows the struggle, as I know it can be, life isn't easy for everyone, we all have chapters, we all have pages we wish we could tear out! But you know what? Not everyone is the same and we all have our own chapters, in which shouldn't be judged! Anything could happen while living each chapter.

And a star can rise and fall, but leaves can slowly drift to the ground, yet be gently swept up to a tree branch again. Life can have ups and downs, but some know how to live with it and others don't, because they have not experienced it before...Sometimes the one who was always at the bottom, finds it easier to put things back together again, and the one who is new to it, finds it life threatening, not knowing what to do...and those moments, they show you what life is all about and who really cares....AND WHO WE ARE! We learn so much about ourselves at those times, those hard times, are trying and learning curves in life! Yes we hate those moments, but later in life we learned, we LIVED, it showed us WHO WE ARE, not to everyone, but to us! Learning who you are to yourself, it's not easy, but it's worth getting to know yourself...It helps to live a bit happier knowing, you're your own friend, when you have yourself you can't be alone! ;)

I love reading!

I always read the information description that usually is on the inside cover or the back of the book before getting a book. Books that show an experienced knowledge throughout (I mean school and life knowledge) are usually the best books on the shelf! I left the parts about love out for a reason because sometimes love can be the cause of the downfall or the cause of the uprising.

I hope everyone has a great year this year and that it is filled with love, good health, happiness and peace!


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