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Sunday, April 29, 2012

Love...and my beliefs!

When it comes to a man loving a woman or the other way around. I believe they will change themselves, if that person really makes them happy and really feel worth the fight to help better themselves to make that person happy! Because it isn't just about making ourselves happy, it's about making someone else feel what we feel because we are happy in knowing we feel this way.

When we work hard, look happy, feel happy, than we must have found love somewhere. Be it in another person, or with ourselves...When that happens, our views change on life, we appreciate everything more! We are grateful for finding love, for the life we have, for the things we own and will own later in life, grateful for what others aren't so fortunate enough to have. We are just appreciative of life and everything within it. Everything seems a blessings, children seem a precious they are suppose to feel like.

Falling in love is not hard for some, yet very challenging for others. Perhaps those who find falling in love easy, only think that because they find it easy to like others. Maybe it isn't just about love for them? I find it hard to understand how someone can fall in love so quickly. For I find it very hard to do, but I don't find it hard to like someone. Love is a challenging emotion to express, it's not an easy subject to talk about for me. Yet, there are times when I say things, I question myself about and wonder if maybe, I am just confused about it all.

I don't like being in love, because it usually ends up being I am the one who gets hurt. So when someone says they are in love with me, I don't believe them. Usually because there are signs, they don't, that are there. This is why I don't let myself get too attached, and stay my distance. It might seem wrong or unhealthy to others, but it is a safety mechanism for me.

I don't want to fall in love, I don't want to be in love, yet I sometimes envy seeing others, in love. If that makes sense...I have always dreamed about, someone saying I was their everything. That they loved me so much that they would do anything for me, they fight for me, lie for me...I would never ask anyone to die for me..."Everything I do it for you - Byran Addams" that is a great song to express love. I HAVE DREAMED THAT! But I would love to live that. Yet I say all the time I do not want to fall in love and I don't want to be in love. Because Honestly...Love hurts.

I am rambling...Sorry about that. I just thought I would share one of my views and beliefs of love. Maybe it's because, I haven't had someone propose, nor actually say they love me and mean it. Besides a family member or my child. I often wonder if I am worthy of being loved, yet I know I am. Am I worth the fight?

If I felt like I had be in competition with someone else, I'd drop out of the race, because if I was truly loved, that person wouldn't expect that of know because they'd love me back. I wont fight if they love someone else and spend more time with that person. In that sense, I'd feel I'd already lost. So it isn't worth fighting for if I don't feel I am even on the list. It's a pointless fight in a paper bag if you'd asked me.

Does she love you back? How about showing her!!

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