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Tuesday, May 29, 2012

An opinion about beliefs!


What are they to you?
I feel we must see it, to believe it...

Today I was going through some other sites and blogs based around their religion. One got me thinking, I clicked a link, I wont give away the site name or the link within it's page, but it was a link within that site labeled about, "Beliefs".. I seen this and was compelled to click. I "assumed" it was going to be an explanation on their beliefs. However ..It was not. It was just verses in the bible. It made me want to ask them, if they had 'experienced these "beliefs" within the bible?'.

I'm not an Atheist or anything, but I do understand where some of them come from in not believing stuff like what our history has written about God, and the Devil, and the bible stories, and stuff. HOWEVER, I believe in God because, I HAVE experienced things. What I can't seem to understand is how, people can preach without experiencing, what they are preaching about..You know, you do need experience with things that you're talking and preaching about, in order to explain it correctly; from a personal view, in my opinion.

I never talked about love, nor did I write anything about knowing about it, when I was younger. Because I didn't know anything about it. I'd give advice on what I would do if this, bf did whatever to me (got dumped, put down, etc) advice to a friend, but you know, I really hadn't a clue what I was talking about because I had never felt that kind of love before. Matter of fact I never experienced a real bf before at that time either. Not anything as serious as they had than. The most I had done was hug a boy. Luckily my friends didn't really listen so much, because I didn't know what I was talking about, knowing I didn't have experience to say anything on the subject.

So when I explain things now I either give an opinion, with a statement that I never experienced it before so take it with that in mind. Or I state my experience and why I feel the way I do about the advice and or opinion given with my blog postings.

Sorry I just had to ramble a little bit.

Hope everyone is having a great week!


  1. I know what you mean and I am too very much puzzled by people who use Bible citations in order to preach something they don't understand or, even worse, don't apply. Some of them are one step away from fanaticism.

  2. Hi Unikorna
    Thanks for commenting! I agree with you.


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