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Saturday, June 16, 2012

Follow Follow, and more Follows!

Alright, Hello everyone!
I just wanted post this so you all now what I have been doing all last-night before bed and today most of the day!
I have been obsessing with the follows! Now, I guess in the long run, it might be a good idea and get some traffic flowing around blog land!

So here it is, I have followed so many that I can't even count them, I have also been doing some twitter following as well.

I am hoping, over time, OR possibly soon (PLEASE OH PLEASE!) that I will have more views, friends and more experienced bloggers to step up and shout out if they see me stepping over boundaries or accidentally, bending some rules! I'm still a noob blogger...And not ashamed to admit it either!

I'm wishing with all my heart that I can help others in the near future, as well as hopefully get some help from others. I always help when I can, I offer a hand, give much of myself in order to help others...even though some might not appreciate it! I do it anyways, because that is just the kind of person I am.

So please if you are reading this and you have NOTICED that I have followed you PLEASE Follow me back! ***I really appreciate it!!!***

And there are some I couldn't follow because I could not find that little button to do so, so I apologize to those who have followed me and I have not followed back! I COULDN'T FIND THE BUTTON!

What else? Hmmm....If I remember I will come back and edit this post and add it!

I hope everyone is having a great weekend and wish you all well with happiness, love and good health!



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