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Friday, June 29, 2012

I love helping people...

I'm not rich so I don't help people with money, BUT if I could I definitely would!
So I try my best to bring positive thoughts in them. I like to open their mind to see what is important and what they have told me, I show them in such a way that they actually realize I wasn't who told them those good things about themselves...they told me, I just brought their words out to them so that they could see, that they do care more about themselves, more than they realized.

I like to say, "Look to the bright side of things" or "Turn those negatives into positives", and life seems less depressing that way for them. I give examples, of why they should appreciate their lives and what they do have. I remind them that, someone somewhere, has it worse and that they should be grateful. I try to teach these things to my child as well but he is still too young to understand and care about such things right now. He also has aspergers syndrome, so it's a bit harder to comprehend such things for him right now. I do hope that in the future, he will see.

Some people have called me selfish and self centered...Those are the kinds of people, I try my best to avoid...Not because they are right, or that I think they are right, but because I know they are just saying it to hurt me and in the past it did bother me, but I know myself more now, and I know what they say about me is not true.

Sadly there are people in this world who try their best to hurt others in order to get some kind of thrill out of knowing they hurt you. This was my main reason for posting about "Letting go", because even though we care so much, it's harder staying within their life. I know I cry more about these things, than they do. And that is what makes it easier to stay away. I don't like crying, because my tears were caused just to please themselves. So just let go of those who only hurt you, to please themselves...NOT because you don't care (because you know you do!), but because they do their best to show you, they don't!

So now, I want to say something..."just because others don't 'see' you helping others, it does not mean that you aren't" And truthfully, I like helping others because know I helping others (in the best ways I can), makes me feel good...And I don't brag about it, because I am not doing it to prove a point, I do it because it feels good!

I hope everyone has a great weekend, and for those of you hurting or feeling depressed or even putting yourself down..Please don't! Keep your head up, make a list of all the things you like about yourself...and DO NOT make a list of dislikes!



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