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Friday, June 8, 2012

Time as an adult and time as a child...

Sometimes days just aren't long enough as an adult. I am always finding that there are not enough hours in a day lately. So, a lot of my time feels wasted because, I don't want to pass the time doing so much than, to find it has left me already. I don't ever remember feeling that way as a child. Probably as a child our only responsibilities are, to go to school, to have fun, do home work and possibly a side sport or event. I remember those days seeming longer. Maybe because I had so much energy to use up in the day, enough to last two days and than it repeats the next day. I mean, an adults day seems more like a half a day, where as a child's day is like two of ours.

As a child we just had so much time to use and take advantage of. So little to worry about, besides where our best friend might be, or what happened to a relative. Or if a parent was sick. You know the small things that could to us as children.

As an adult, time just slips away and it makes me wonder if I'll ever get everything done in one day...And I usually don't get everything finished in a whole day. Adults have to worry so much, about our children, their needs to be met in time. Our own schedules beyond that even! Household chores, the bills, appointments for us and our children, I could ad more because the list just goes on and on here. I am sure you understand if you're a mom, especially a full-time working mom (KUDOS)!

I'm speaking from a mom's point of view, but I know that their are men out there doing the same thing!

It's hard being a single parent, looking for work, trying to get her schooling, looking to the future with a desire to make things better in life. Which takes more time! You all get my point I am sure/

I guess I missed a few hours today as I wasted it trying to get this computer working while my child was at school. And I had a virus to get rid of, as I have hacker problems constantly...Which I have no idea why they like to choose me as their target so much.

Anyway I am done with that rant about computers, as I believe I have fixed the problem ...For now at least.

I hope you all have a wonderful weekend this coming weekend!

Much love and blessings to all and have a great night!



  1. If we could only appreciate the time when we are children...We don't appreciate many things when we are young and then it's too late to fix things up.
    Silly humans :)


    1. I completely agree! And thanks so much for commenting!


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