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Wednesday, August 15, 2012

I'm a blogger slacker...

Sorry for being such a slacker everyone, but truly it's been a good summer, so far!

I've been accepted into a school in a field I've been wanting, since before I dropped out of high school, so many years ago. I'm now awaiting the loan acceptance so that I can start school in October!

So in the mean time, while waiting and being excited, and doubting myself as well as, planning on the childcare and bills and all that other good and fun life stuff(insert sarcasm here lol)...I feel I need to stay focused and positive and ignore any nagging negative thoughts and distractions from the outside trying so badly to intervene with my keeping positive, for myself as well as my son!

It's all trying and life testing... to say the least. I know I usually post opinions and advice here, etc. I felt the need to express my where about's, so that people don't think I fell off the face of the earth... for quite some time. So other than a few moments of drama and such, that I have been doing my best to put behind me...I'm alright, a long time friend and I had a few times out with our children to the beach and a shopping trip, and me trying to step out of my shell a bit for social atmospheric needs (that sounds funny I know, I'm a bit odd lol), things have been alright.

I try not to get my hopes too high, while also trying really hard to stay positive. I've had a lot of false hopes happen to me in the past, so I tread each day slowly and try my best not to over look anything that might make me hit a brick wall along the way. It's like a kid waiting in line for ice cream...You want to push fast and hard ahead to get that nice cold treat, yet you know something will stop you if you do, you might fall and hit others along the way, or hurt yourself, etc. So I go slow, steady and take things easy, even if I want to push ahead fast to get there ASAP lol...It's trying on my patience! BUT I'M WAITING!

I really feel like the turtle wanting to win the race, but I can't go any faster.

Well I hope you like my little update and you haven't missed me much (if I was missed), I hope you all have a great rest of the week!


PS-I hope to post a bit sooner this time, it was a long time in between posts this time, I'm really sorry about that, I had a bit of a depressing time in between that time frame as well, which I do not wish to discuss! Thanks for your understanding :-)


  1. Congrats on going back to school. I have too, one more year of college to attend in order to get my diploma but I've been postponing it year after year...Good luck and be the best :).

    1. Thanks a lot, and I think you should go back, it feels better when you're older, wiser and more confident :) I'm going to try my best, even if I am not the best there :D


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