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Thursday, February 12, 2015

Thankful Thursday!

Thanks to those who take the time to read this long winded blog post. This isn't about anyone in particular! 

Life and Time!

What are you doing with them? Are you happy? Are you ever happy?

Some people invest their lives trying to be happy, but forget to think about what they are doing that is causing their unhappiness and are blaming and or taking it out on others! I see happy people everyday, some of them don't have their dream job, some just make the most of it and not worry about what they do as being a cause for their unhappiness.

If you're truly unhappy, I believe a long time of self reflection is necessary, in order to find the cause. Others CAN NOT do that for you!!! I'm not saying this to be a smart -a$$ I'm speaking from experience, and with that being said, I don't try to manipulate others to make them feel bad for their choices! I try my best to keep others positive, to keep motivated to find what makes them happy rather than dwelling on it! No matter how I feel myself.

Things I did to make myself feel better and it didn't happen overnight:
  • I looked for things I liked to do
  1. found books that peeked my interests
  2. taught myself how to do new things (the things I was interested in like drawing, painting, become better with my words, etc)
  3. research other hobbies I might like to try (wired jewelry, scrap-booking)
  • Go back to school; finish that, so I could go to another school of my choice, so I could enter "that" career field! (Hairstyling)
  • Look for daily motivations (I actually started with this) 
  1. The daily motivations changed my life for the better
  2. Daily affirmations can change your thought process if you keep them there daily, and stick with it!
  • Stop trying to make others feel guilty/bad for how you're feeling! That isn't a way to make yourself feel better in the long run. Everyone has their own problems, you want to tell someone? Get counseling, It helps too!
  • Go for a long jog/walk, for meditative self reflecting thoughts in nature!!
  1. it's good for your health(mental, physical, and emotional)
  2. it brings peace of mind
  • Stretch out your spare time wisely!
  1. don't waste it dwelling on how you feel all day dragging it on and on, repeating something you don't like or telling yourself over and over again how depressed and unhappy you are, it ISN'T going to make it go away, it will only prolong it and make you feel worse (again speaking from experience!!!)
  2. Look for enjoyable things to do! (Find activities for you and your spouse and or children to do outside of the home) Don't have time? I don't believe you! That's you making excuses for yourself. How do I know? I have done it plenty of times myself. Find the time...Period. Quit your whining about it! Worse things have happened in this world!!
So I am going through some things right now, but instead of trying to make others feel bad for me, I am just living life and going with it! I don't like to allow myself to dwell anymore, because I already know how that will pan out! I've already been there and done that.

So what am I thankful for? For years of affirmations, years of self reflection(when I needed it most), years of trying to help others and for those grateful ones who appreciated it!

I'm thankful I have a roof over my head, food in my refrigerator and cupboards, for being born with sight and hearing, and having hands and feet and being able to walk (because I know others aren't as lucky to be blessed with such things).

I'm grateful for my parents, who taught me how to be grateful for everything I have, because I could have less(and I know what that's like)! I'm grateful to be able to help others and tell them how they could help themselves become happier(but I wont stick around and tolerate/take their anger, when I'm trying to help them), or help them find/with the resources to help themselves!

So PLEASE, before you criticize others, when they've only been nice and helpful to you, STOP yourself and self reflect and ask yourself WHY you're doing that! And for those offered help, please just say you don't want help in a nice manner, and stop being such an a-hole! That's not the way to make/keep friends. Overly uptight people are no fun to be around and make others feel bad (whether they know it or not), please just relax and let things be!

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Thanks to those who took the time to read this long winded blog post in full today, and I really hope it's helped you in some positive way! There is always something to be thankful for.

As always, stay positive, believe in yourself and your ability to progress positively in the happier direction!

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