Inner Personal Advice: Trying on my new Moonstruck Splurge Cream eye shadows (Video)

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Saturday, October 7, 2017

Trying on my new Moonstruck Splurge Cream eye shadows (Video)

Hello everyone, **sorry I listened it isn't very loud** Please scroll down to watch video!

I figured I would do a demo of some products for you all with some of the new products I ordered and received yesterday.

I  hope you enjoy, please comment like and follow!

Trying on my new Moonstruck Spluge Ceam eye shadows, foundation,  concealer  and Moonstruck Epic Mascara ♥

I know I look a bit tired, but I didn't sleep well enough lastnight to get my beauty rest lol

Some of the brushes(ones I used but didn't mention and the first eyeshadow brush I used with the purple cream shadow was the younique one spacifically made for these cream shadows ) I used are just some random ones I got over the years.

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