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Thursday, April 22, 2010

My very first Blog spot blog!

Anyone have tips on how to widen this page? Leave me a comment! Thanks

Alright, I know there aren't any blog posts here, but here is why!
I just created it today! I am only writing this one because it seems so empty aside from the added content from other subscribed sites!
I am a female, I am 31
and I am from Canada! So that gets that question out of the way! Next, I am not here to meet anyone for a meet up. I am not interested in created some kind of intimate relationships nor encounters. And with that said you know what I am NOT here for. :-)

Now that you know that I will tell you what I am here for! I am here to share my thoughts, views, inspirations, some goals and I also would like to make new friends as a network thing.

I do not mind comments but I will tell you now I have it set so that I can view it before it is posted.
I like being in charge of my choices! I feel others should feel the same way!
I will add more here later I just wanted to create this first one so that others that come have something at least to know about this blog.
I hope to add all sorts or things I have learned or am searching to learn etc.