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Friday, April 30, 2010

Personal advice to self!

I do not like pity! Pity is for those who seek your attention in a negative way
People who crave pity:
Those who seek yours or anyone Else's pity, only do so for personal gains! Sometimes they realize it and do it on purpose and some do it without realizing it, but also do this on purpose.
What I mean is, they were brought up in a way that cr
ying for what they want always worked for them. This is a negative way to gain anything at all. Because those who do this do not realize those who actually were good to them and take those people for granted and just keep using them. But Like I said sometimes they realize it and sometimes they do not. The ones who do not realize it, are the ones who were brought up this way and in so they do it instinctively over time.
But those who do realize this will seek those who they can take advantage of! They seek those who are very kind and will offer kindness freely without any complaints. But know fully that a few of these kind people know that they are taken advantage of and will put an end to it and you will lose this kind hearted persons trust, you will lose their relationship and in turn you will only have those who do not have the common sense to see it and leave those who take advantage of them behind
This is all learned from personal experience, both my parents had this fault, I was also born with this fault..Yes I call it a fault because there are a lot of people who like to take advantage of those who are very kind hearted. The key though is to walk away from those who make you feel bad.
Personally I have enough self pity I do not seek others pity to add to my own. It is negative, I do not want negative, so here is a quote I send out to people out there reading this and I hope they learn something from it and have eyes open to those who seek to take advantage.

"I do not seek pity, I seek only opinions and or advice. For those who know of pity will not give it, they will only give guiding words for you to choose to use or put in the back of your mind!" AMJ

People who really care for you will not put you down when you are already feeling down about yourself. They will not tell you of their problems when you are down, so to make you feel sorry for them instead. Everyone has issues or problems. I have listened to others tell me of their problems at times when I should have been worrying about my own! I found it okay, but only to an extent. Because I felt they wanted me to pity them when I had known I or someone else was going through much worse than them. Their problem at the time seemed only minor maybe even unimportant or irrelevant!

I have had people tell me that they had no food in their house, telling everyone they had no food, yet when I went to their home with them because they wanted to retrieve a coat or book or whatever, we had gone to the kitchen to retrieve the item and come to find out they had more food in their house than I had in mine, or more than someone Else's that I knew of at the time.
I am sorry if this touches on someone, but seriously, I am not going to feel sorry for someone who has food and claims to not; when I know there are people down the street or in other countries, that have none.
People need to realize, just because there is not much food that you "want" to eat in the cabinets or fridge, does not mean you do not have any food! These kinds of people make me label them as ungrateful liars! I do not like to label anyone, because I do not want to be labeled myself, but these kinds of people piss me off!
I know what it is like to have no food! So when you tell me you do not have any food and than we go to your house and I can visibly see it with my own eyes that you do have food. I am going to get silent and quietly pissed about the lie that was told just to gain pity from others! Why do people seek pity in such ways is what I always ask!
WHY? If you know, please do feel free to send me a comment!

"Seek not pity, no matter how hard things in life can be! Seek only advise when you know full well you have enough pity on yourself to not need it from others!" AMJ

You see, even when I was completely broke I worried what would happen next, I never told anyone, I felt bad enough about myself on my own! I know what it is like to do without, I also know what it is like to be stolen from when the things that were stolen were the only thing I had that was worth something. People who steal from others who do not have much, are people who need to know what it is like for themselves in order to know how you feel! I appreciate everything I own, I appreciate the things I learned in the long run!

I hope someone has learned something from this or have had their eyes opened to similar things in their own life. Have a great day and feel free to send me a comment or any questions or suggestions you might have for a new post! I look forward to any feedback!
But Please do not send your negativity my way as it will be deleted, ignored blocked or maybe even reported! :-)