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Friday, April 13, 2012

Taking our own advice!!

I just wanted to share a bit of information about my thoughts on advice! I have been told many times, that I am very wise for my age and that I usually give great advice...I like to think so, but I also know that I am not always so good at taking my own advice. Isn't it funny we are all like that I think, we are always good at giving speeches and advice, but tend to not follow such great advice ourselves.

Don't get me wrong here, I know we can be very good at taking our own advice, but there are times when people tell us, "Practice what you preach!" ...I am sure you have heard that phrase, I have heard it, have had it said to me and I have said it to others over the years.

For years I have given my opinion (aka advice), and have had some people actually take it in consideration and have had even some of them actually go with it and do great for themselves! I have been called a life saver, an old soul and I have also been called intelligent! I must admit, they can be ego boosters, but I like to tell people to try to be in charge of that ego before if gets away with ya!

I'd like to talk about the ego for a moment...
Ego is great, BUT it's also dangerous...What I mean is that, our ego gives us confidence, but with too much confidence...Yes I said too much confidence, there is such a thing believe me! People with too much confidence can get themselves into loads of trouble! 

Look at Criminals... some of them get away with so much and don't even care about the consequences...Some of them don't even have a conscious I don't think. I am not insulting the criminals, I am just stating that I think they listen to their ego too much(too much confidence) and get into trouble.

I have noticed if my ego get too big I get smart, yet do dumb things and that is what I mean about ego. People can compliment us too much and make our ego's expand like a balloon and in doing so we end up not seeing beyond that big balloon others so kindly filled up for us.

That's about all I have to say today, at least I actually was feeling up to the posting, I like that!

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