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Sunday, July 15, 2012

Summer fun and beach time! My child.

Hi everyone, I know I said I would post about my boy yesterday, but I was a bit you can probably tell from my last blog post.

So here we are I have a few pictures to share, of my child and his fun times at the beach!
 This was his first time with the floating device. As you can see, not wet yet lol

 relaxing and enjoying his floating device :)

A few days later, he got out because he was getting cold...about 10 mins later he jumped back in again! 

I was in too, but I we didn't have anyone we knew around to take the pictures for us together. So I took this close up while standing in the water, put my camera back and swam with him! We had a lot of fun at the beach!

Hope your weekend was great

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