Inner Personal Advice: "Tuesday's Rant!" ..About the different kinds of friendships out there....sad but true!

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Wednesday, July 11, 2012

"Tuesday's Rant!" ..About the different kinds of friendships out there....sad but true!

"Tuesday's Rant!"

Different kinds of friendships out there....sad but true!

I have had many types of friends come and go in my life, great ones I could do almost anything with, and some that you come to know as liars and cheats as well as those who will take from you and expect it to be okay. There are ones who will pretend to be your best friend and they will go behind your back and talk bad about you...Even though you've said nothing but nice things about them and done nice things for them. Two faced people are what I am referring to! 

Please don't get me wrong, sometimes we have a friend who will say your life story to others without realizing how damaging it is to you until they lose you as a friend and can't seem to understand why, and you're so upset with them that you can't tell them and just keep silent. These are good friends with hearts of gold, but at the same time, it's hard to trust what to say to them about your personal life. 

Than there's those friends you can do almost anything with (or anything if you're wild and free spirited :-D), you can trust they have your back if trouble seems to creep up uninvited! They'll pretend your their sister/brother to prove to someone else that you're never alone! You can drink shots and walk miles to get home without worrying they'll abandon you for some hot guy/chick! And best of all, on that long walk home, if you're too drunk to walk, they will let you lean on them! LOL

But than there are those two faced ones I was talking about, who will ask you about your personal life; just so they can tell others about it later, and possibly fabricate it and make it a whole lot more than what it was! 

Some people will become your friend, just so they can have something to gossip about, some will be your friends, in order to be come cool or popular because they don't know who they are. And some will simply be your friend so they can have someone they know who will always be there, because you have a big heart and wont turn away.

And sadly, some will be your friend because they know you have more than them and just try to take all you have from you! I have had friends who have had more than me, steal all I had in my purse! I have had friends jealous of me (for whatever reason I am not sure, still, even to this day), who will do and say things about me just to make others dislike me and not want to even give us a chance at getting to know each other! Some people can be so jealous, they will and do make up lies about you, just because they are jealous and they hate you for it and they want to ruin you! 

It's hard, but we must avoid some people...

"With friends like those who need enemies?"

But as I said, don't get me wrong, there are some really awesome people to be friends with out there...And those types of friends, can become friends for life (or eternity)...

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