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Monday, May 3, 2010

Random Topics

I am just going on many random topics here so just bare in mind that I a bit of a strange person :-)

Today I was randomly reminded of a documentary I watched quite a few years ago! It was about men going through sex changes or maybe it was about both sexes going through with it. Anyways they were asking others that had gone through with the operations what they missed if anything or if they regretted anything. There were no regrets but I reme
mber one man who had became a woman. He said he missed the orgasm he had said that, that was the only thing he had missed. So I figured I would put this here in case anyone was going through the same change and may want to know that before hand. To some it can be a big deal and to some it is only minor.

Next topic :-) ...As I said these are completely random!
I have been thinking and researching about random things every day. Everyday a thing will come to mind so I will do some research on it as I find it very interesting or think it might be amusing.
I have been also learning with these researches so I am getting smarter as well.

My topics of research ranges from time travel and to working online! So as you can see this goes from one random thing to the next, but it is of personal interest.
I am an artist
I am a teacher
I am a student
I am a mother
I am a daughter
I am a cousin
I am a sister
I am a step daughter
a half sister
I research:
Secrets of Mental Math: The Mathematicians Guide to Lightning Calculation and Amazing Math Tricks
Old artists
Religions of the World
Man I had no idea how many there really are out there way more than anyone could possibly imagine really!!)
Digital arts and tutorials to better my skills
Many different Science topics or types?
Beliefs(which could tie into religion depending on how you look at it)
Really whatever I question or comes to mind I pretty much research it! I love the Internet for researching these different topics, subjects and things! I love many things. I will also look up lyrics to see what I never understood in them when I was just a naive child who loved singing and listening to music. Music is different to me now, I try my best not to listen to it anymore. Why? Too many songs remind me of so many different sad things in life in general and personally as well.
That is all I can think of for now if I think of more I shall add more, but I will add edit to the title of this blog and place a edit space near the bottom here so you all know what is new :-) I am good like that! Saves for those who read the old part to find the new if they should come back to see if anything new is added :-)
Anyways Have a good day and take care1

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