Inner Personal Advice: Some more thoughts! Subject: Mothers instincts

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Sunday, August 8, 2010

Some more thoughts! Subject: Mothers instincts

Well Mothers instincts...Personally I feel that all mothers have it. Weather they follow is it, doubt it or simply ignore it is the difference on being a good mom. Don't get me wrong, men have the instinct too! I have seen it with my own eyes and that is how I know they do! ;)
Anyways I do not want to get off the topic I am starting lol.

I remember when my child had chickenpox, fever and on top of that the poor little guy had tonsillitis. But the strange thing was when we took him to the hospital I was fevered and I also had tonsillitis! Personally I take things as signs and rarely believe in coincidences! I was shocked when they had told me because they only checked me because they noticed me..Now I do not know why they checked me but they must have sensed something. Well they checked me and I was the same but without chickenpox (I had them twice when I was younger, very mild both times). They said lots of liquids and rest. You know the drill for mostly anything you have these days is the same diagnosis! That was that.
When my child was an infant I swear sleeping was not part of my life, I might have slept maybe 2 to 3 hours a day for like 3 or 4 months..I think it was that long until he actually started to sleep through the night. Every little noise JOLTED me I mean the smallest of noises woke me up. So Yeah sleep was not a thing I did in those few months. But I am not saying I never wanted to sleep, I just felt I couldn't..The dad was either out or sleeping himself. I did everything and I am not complaining but because our child was up ever couple hours made it hard to do anything but feed, bath and change the baby. I was so tired all the time people probably called me lazy behind my back. I rarely got laundry done fast enough...if you know infants they require you to change their clothes all the time. I did bottles none stop and well tried to get some sleep but it was hard...
Sorry went off topic.(I tend to do that)

Anyways back on topic of mothers instincts, I often wonder if some mothers even have it because some will just give up on their children..

Mothers instincts is just a feeling like you know what to do even though you do not have any books and or advice from anyone on what to do, kind of like a cat knows exactly what to do or a dog or any animal for that matter...Some things in life and to every living thing comes NATURALLY
A woman can usually tell if she is pregnant too, if any doubt is there, chances are slim to a girl being pregnant!
It's all about natural instincts ..I believe everyone has it, it is just a matter of listening to it.