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Friday, December 3, 2010

How about the weather?

Since the start of the >school year the weather has been quite different! We have had Hot sun shine, Snow, Rain, Fog, Slush(rain and snow at once). We have had some quite powerful winds. And in between all those different things we have had more Hot sunny days
! So I am very surprised that everyone isn't sick by now with so many weather changes happening one right after and sometimes within the same day! You can really see what they mean by Global warming! The weather is out of whack! We had a good amount of snow but the two day rain has washed it all away! I really love snow it looks so nice.

The reason I haven't posted anything lately? Well I have come on, signed in and hoped to think of a new topic to post about...But well I really had nothing to say, nothing I could think of writing about so I left it until now.

I am in school part time now(half days) and I am liking it but I do not feel like I am getting much out of it because it is half days, but I am a mom so the other half of the day I am going home and then leaving and picking up my child and then coming back home. I don't like this time of year that much, all the holiday stress..I am exhausted. I want to start working again so I am hoping to get maybe a part time weekend job or something. That is about it, I know it is a short post but I haven't come up with a good subject/topic to write about in full.
So have a great day and Happy Holidays to all!